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Breaking new ground with Buffer Mitigation

October 30, 2009, Prospectus breaks new ground with St. Johns River Water Management District submitting a “buffer mitigation plan” and receiving a warm reception from District staff. The clearly detailed plan accounted for the area of buffers that are typically required by District rules for “secondary and cumulative impacts.” Alternative areas were depicted and a table of the areas (precisely calculated to the square foot) verified that the plan would exceed the area required by the rules. The plan provides better areas for habitat by grouping some of the areas into larger tracts. Mitigating “secondary and cumulative impacts” attempts to offset the effects of development near sensitive wetland areas by providing undisturbed buffers. The buffers are typically 25-feet from the edge of the wetlands parallel to the jurisdictional wetland line. Grouping the tracts into larger areas not only “meets the rule” but also provided undisturbed areas that would foster the growth of wetland plants and wildlife.

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