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Low Impact Development Specialists

Low Impact Development (LID) is an alternative site design strategy that uses natural and engineered infiltration and storage techniques to control storm water where it is generated. LID combines conservation practices with distributed storm water source controls and pollution prevention to maintain or restore watershed functions. The objective is to disperse LID devices uniformly across a site to minimize runoff.

Prospectus expands the traditional LID definition to focus on the maximum preservation of pre-deveoplemnt conditions:

      • Designing the development around existing trees to preserve the highest number of
          living specimens to help naturally control stormwater runoff.

      • Effectively design and utilize buffers adjacent wetlands, not merely to comply with
        regulations, but filter runoff entering the wetlands while enhancing curb appeal.

      • Supervise contractors to minimize the typical ‘slash & burn’ construction mentality and
        preserve all native vegetation wherever possible.