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Dec 032006

December 3, 2010, Oyster Bay Harbours completes the final preparations to pave the road to the Yachtclub. The last section of road will be a dramatic round-a-bout finished with interlocking concrete pavers. Thanksgiving week workers compacted sub-grade soils in anticipation of Curb Systems, Inc. pouring curbs the following Monday. Compaction tests confirmed Tuesday that soils were compacted to 98% LBR or Limerock Bearing Ratio or better. After the tests, Malloy Grading compacted Crushcrete to provide a temporary access to the Yachtclub over the Thanksgiving holiday. Compacted curshcrete will be installed between the curbs forming the roadbed for the DOT class pavers. Tumbled Mega Oldtown pavers will sculpt the final access on to the Harbour Island Bridge.