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Apr 222006

2010-12-21-paver0034Installation of the Mega Oldtown Pavers on the round-a-bout are finished in time for Christmas festivities at the Oyster Bay Harbour Yachtclub. In spite of the chilly temperatures, Atlas Marble, Tile and Pavers installed over 6,000 square feet of pavers in less than three days. Using a crew of ten men, the job was finished in time for everyone to enjoy Christmas with the satisfaction of a job well done! Prospectus originally designed the round-a-bout and approach to the Harbour Island Bridge with the typical asphalt pavement bordered with a five-foot paver circle. “We were able to upgrade the project using DOT class pavers for the entire round-a-bout and stay within our client’s original budget,” This is a good example of delivering a superior product because we designed, permitted and budgeted the project. We knew all the constraints, upgraded the project and made our client happy.

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